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In July the North East STEM Hub hosted a face to face and virtual (hybrid) event in partnership with Newcastle United Foundation. The event was around the theme of 'Net Zero' in direct response to the growing alternative energy sector in our region.

The event which was organised by North East STEM Hub and delivered by RTC North allowed 100 schools to meet and engage with businesses in person, exposing them to a range of career and job roles available in our region now and in the future.

Businesses delivered fun, interactive and hands on sessions relating to their industry, specifically in response to Climate Change and their plans to reach Net Zero by 2030.
Over 3,000 young people from the regions schools attended the event where they could engage, ask questions and experience different activities.

There were also 1800-2000 trees given away to plant thanks to Forestry Commission.

Through five themed zones, more than 50 North East organisations leading the way in sustainability provided interactive opportunities for nine to thirteen-year-olds to learn more about climate adaptation, business and industry, buildings and construction, transport, and power and natural resources.

Power & Natural Resources

Climate Adaptation

Business & Industry

Buildings & Construction 


Virtual event

In order to reach a wider audience, some exhibitors will also be asked to pre-record a short video about their industry which can be accessed on the day via a virtual platform.

Claire Willis Business Development Manager for the North East STEM Hub commented: “This event has brought education and skills together, helped the next generation understand the opportunities that are available to them right here in the North East. It has been a huge success highlighting the fantastic businesses and talented people we have in the region"


Post event resources and activities available including CPD opportunities supporting teachers in their planning.

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