David Southwood - STEMFest in Space

Mars and the Moon – where are we going?

David Southwood - Imperial College, London

"Space exploration had to start with the Moon and it was so exciting to see the Apollo programme happen. However, going to Mars really grabs the imagination. Wouldn’t you just like to be able to get there to see it for yourself?"

David Southwood is a planetary scientist at Imperial College, London. His space career started when he was a student by being employed by BBC during the Apollo programme.  After some time in the USA, he spent much of his career teaching and researching at Imperial College in London becoming involved in European, US and Russian space programmes. In 2001, he became Director of Science at European Space Agency, which meant building both space telescopes and launching missions to Venus, Mars, Moon, a comet and landing the Huygens probe on Saturn’s moon Titan.  He returned to Imperial College and his own planetary research in 2011.  Since then he has been Chair of the Steering Board of the UK Space Agency, president of the Royal Astronomical Society, and still is a member of the Advisory Council for NASA’s planetary exploration centre, JPL, in Pasadena USA. 

Brief description of session:

David will talk about what is coming in Moon and Mars exploration in the next few years, why  Mars remains so important for planetary exploration and what are the plans of space agencies around the world for returning to the Moon in the near and longer term.

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Suitable for:

9yrs +