Suzie Imber

Dr. Suzie Imber - University of Leicester

Suzie is a space scientist, adventurer, and winner of the BBC series “Astronaut: Do You Have What It Takes?”

Suzie is an Associate Professor of Space Physics at the University of Leicester.  She specialises in an area of research known as Space Weather.

Suzie is best known in the public eye for being crowned the winner of the 2017 BBC production ‘Astronauts: Do You Have What it Takes?’. The show involves twelve candidates, selected from thousands of applicants being put through an astronaut selection process.

The selection process was designed to test mental strength, physical ability, emotional resilience, teamwork and resourcefulness and were designed by by Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield. The show was watched by millions of viewers around the world.

Since the show, Suzie has appeared in numerous times live on the BBC providing expert commentary on space news stories, alongside appearances on The Sky at Night, ITV news, and even a guest appearance on The Secret Life of Five Year Olds! 

She has also been featured in a 6-episode Red Bull adventure series (Andes 6K) following her expedition to climb twelve brutal Andean mountains in 2016, during a period of just three months.

Brief description of session:

Dallas Campbell and Suzie will take you on the ultimate journey through the history and science of space travel. From rocket science, astronaut training, and how the latest science is expanding our knowledge of the cosmos!

10:45am session: In this live, exciting and explosive show, explore the history of rockets – from the colourful fireworks of ancient times, to the mighty space exploring rockets of today. Join us as we investigate the fiery power of rocket fuel, the explosive nature of forces and much more.

5.30pm – 6pm session: Do you want to train like an astronaut? join Dallas putting Suzie through her paces – you can also join in some of the challenges from home! 

Suitable for:

10:45am Session: Years 3 – 11 

5.30pm – 6pm Session: All ages