Jim Christensen - STEMFest in Space

One Small Step-One Giant Leap: Bringing Space to Your Classroom

Jim Christensen - ShareSpace Education

Jim serves as Executive Director of ShareSpace Education, the K-12 arm of the Aldrin Family Foundation, where he creates materials related to the Moon and Mars and works with teachers and schools as they integrate space into the curriculum.

Jim is the former Director of Education at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex where he led a team that designed and constructed the Astronaut Training Experience (ATX Center), an educational experience where visitors can train like an astronaut for a day or spend a day working in a Mars settlement simulation.

He also worked as a part of the Teaching From Space Project team at NASA’s Johnson Space Center that developed the procedures to conduct video events between the crew of the International Space Station and students in classrooms. He has advised students on three experiments that have flown in space. His career began with 18 years in the middle school classroom learning side by side with his students, aged 11-14. He was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and the Excellence Through Partnership award from BT.

Brief description of session:

Family Session:

Jim will explain the mission of the Aldrin Family Foundation, talk about the excitement of space and space exploration and describe the Home on the Moon Project and the We Came in Peace-The Apollo Visitor Complex Project. Both of these programs were developed targeting remote learning in response to quarantine requirements and limited travel in response to COVID-19.

Suitable for: All ages

Brief description of session:

Teacher CPD session:

Jim will explain the mission of the Aldrin Family Foundation and describe materials that have been developed for use in the classroom. These materials include Giant Moon and Mars Maps, activities designed specifically for use with the maps, as well as activities that were developed targeting remote learning.

Suitable for: Teachers and 11-14yrs (Key Stage 3) and 14-16yrs (Key Stage 4)