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Josh Bernstein

International explorer, educator, author, diver, and television host

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Josh Bernstein
International explorer, educator, author, diver, and television host Josh Bernstein has traveled more than 1,000,000 miles by train, plane, bus, bike and camel to over 75 countries, exploring the biggest mysteries of our planet in pursuit of knowledge and discovery. Known in over 220 countries and territories around the world as the award-winning host of Digging for the Truth on the History Channel and Into The Unknown with Josh Bernstein on the Discovery Channel, Josh brings a sense of curiosity and courage to every adventure and over 53 hours of hosted, primetime programming. Josh is now bringing his passion and skills to the classroom, merging the curiosity-driven hosting style Josh is known for with the standards-aligned pedagogy that educators need.

Project Ianos
Project Ianos is a free resource for teachers to explore future possibilities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Project Ianos, which was selected by NASA as the recipient of a one-year grant, is dedicated to strengthening student understanding of STEM studies through storytelling to inspire them to chart their own journey of exploration and discovery.

Project Ianos is a STEM program which consists of digital videos and hands-on learning tools to support student-driven discovery. These videos will feature archival footage from NASA alongside interviews with NASA experts and other space industry leaders. In addition to these engaging videos, students will participate in complementary and corresponding hands-on learning activities, or “missions.”

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