Helen Mason and space artist, Helen Schell - STEMFest in Space

Rocking Robots & Rovers Popup Workshop

Dr Helen Mason, Helen Schell & Emma Wride (SunSpaceArt Team)

Black holes are incredibly dense objects formed form the collapse of massive stars, where the gravity is so strong that not even light can escape.

More about SunSpaceArt…

The SunSpaceArt project brings together scientists and visual artists to work in schools, with teachers and children, at upper primary (KS2) and lower secondary (KS3) levels.

This project, funded by STFC, links science with the arts (STEAM) to help children appreciate how the Sun and space contribute to a better understanding of  ‘Our Place in the Universe’. Through a creative approach, the SunSpaceArt team aims to inspire and involve children and to encourage them to pursue innovative careers.

Brief description of session:

Description: Imagine you could take your school to Mars! Humans dream of visiting and living on Mars. What would it be like to go there and what would you need to design and make? Imagine you are an astronaut on Mars. You will need to design your own robot or rover. What technology will you need and how will the Sun’s energy power your machine? You will also need a mission badge and mission name. Could you be a space engineer, rocket scientist, astronaut or artist? Use pop-up techniques to create a rocking robot or rover out of card. Children will need to finish off their ideas after the session has finished.

This workshop will be presented by solar scientist, Dr Helen Mason and space artist, Helen Schell, with a special Mars video by science educator, Emma Wride.

More space themed activities are available on the SunSpaceArt website –


Type of session:

Practical craft workshop

Suitable for:

Key Stage  2 & Family Learning