Sarah Murray - STEMFest in Space

Sarah Murray

Project and Technical Lead in NASA’s Orion Program Vehicle Integration Office.

More about Sarah:

Sarah Murray is the Project and Technical Lead in NASA’s Orion Program Vehicle Integration Office, her primary role is the management of projects and technical integration across the multiple entities working to build NASA’s next spacecraft.  She works with Space Launch System (SLS) at Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, Lockheed Martin in Colorado and European Space Agency in Germany to help integrate this significant effort.

Since joining NASA in 1995, Ms. Murray has held roles in training and flight control. She was Deputy Division Chief of Spaceflight Training Management responsible for the development, integration, implementation and management of flight controller, instructor and astronaut training for the ISS. 

After the Space Shuttle Columbia accident in 2003, Sarah was selected to lead the Columbia Recovery Office.  

Sarah participates in numerous STEM Outreach activities as a speaker and team member of the International Space School Educational Trust (ISSET).  She works with students in Scotland, India, Australia and England on experimental designs to be conducted on the ISS.

Brief description of session:

Sarah Murray’s faced an uphill battle as a black female trying to establish a career in engineering in the US. We will hear how she ended up in her position, through failures, struggles and ultimately success, with NASA.