Vicky Fawcett -STEMFest in Space

Vicky Fawcett

Victoria Fawcett is a postgraduate research student at Durham University and will be talking about Monster Black holes and Quasars.

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Sarah Murray - STEMFest in Space

Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray's faced an uphill battle as a black female trying to establish a career in engineering in the US. We will hear how she ended up in her position, through failures, struggles and ultimately...

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Helen Mason and space artist, Helen Schell - STEMFest in Space

Rocking Robots & Rovers Workshop

This Space art This workshop will be presented by solar scientist, Dr Helen Mason and space artist, Helen Schell, with a special Mars video by science educator, Emma Wride.

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Lucinda Offer- Royal Astronomical Society - STEMFest in Space

Lucinda Offer

Lucinda Offer is the Education, Outreach and Events Officer for the Royal Astronomical Society in London, She is also the Executive Director of the Mars Society USA which works to prepare humanity for living and...

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Kielder Observatory

Kielder Observatory

Join us as we adventure into the night sky digitally with a tour of the constellations, and objects you can observe from your back garden with Kielder Observatory.

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Josh Bernstein - STEMFest in Space

Josh Bernstein

International explorer, educator, author, diver, & television host Josh Bernstein has traveled more than 1,000,000 miles to over 75 countries, exploring the biggest mysteries of our planet

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Jim Christensen - STEMFest in Space

Jim Christensen

Jim serves as Executive Director of ShareSpace Education, the K-12 arm of the Aldrin Family Foundation, where he creates materials related to the Moon and Mars

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Lorraine Coghill - STEMFest in Space

Imagining space workshop

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to travel into space? Join us for this creative and interactive Imagining space workshop.

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Hugh Mortimer - STEMFest in Space

Hugh Mortimer

Join Hugh to find out how RAL Space make space missions come to life, from the moment a new mission is first imagined, to building and testing spacecraft.

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Suzie Imber

Dr. Suzie Imber

Suzie Imber is a space scientist, adventurer, and winner of the BBC series “Astronaut: Do You Have What It Takes?” Join Dallas and Suzie for space activities that you CAN do at home!

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Pete Edwards - Durham Uni

Dr Pete Edwards

Ever wondered what’s outside the universe? How many stars are out there? What happens if you are swallowed by a Black Hole? Find out the answers with Dr Pete Edwards

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Andy Aldrin - STEMFest in Space

Dr Andy Aldrin

Can you imagine being Andy Aldrin, watching your dad take his first steps on the moon, with half a billion people watching in live broadcasts?

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Dave Mackay - Virgin Galactic - STEMFest in Space 2021

Dave Mackay

Dave Mackay is chief pilot at Virgin Galactic, leading the pilot corps and planning for commercial flight operations whilst playing a key role in the test flight programme

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Dallas Campbell - STEMFest in Space

Dallas Campbell

Dallas will be hosting STEMFest in space and is best known for his presenting career, which started with TV shows such as the Gadget Show on channel 5, and Bang goes the theory, a prime-time...

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Chris Joly - STEMFest in Space

Chris Joly

Chris Joly will talk about the search for life on Mars and the amazing Perseverance Rover Mission which got underway earlier this year.

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Chris Hadfield - STEMFest in Space

Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian to walk in space, he has flown three space missions, built two space stations, performed two spacewalks and commanded the International Space Station.

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Carlos Frenk - STEMFest in Space

Carlos Frenk

Carlos Frenk will introduce the concept of dark matter, discuss the role it plays in shaping our universe and speculate on the identity of this mysterious substance.

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Space careers session 2 - STEMFest in Space

Careers in Space session

In this session the panel will explore the wide range of career opportunities that are available across the UK space sector for young people from all backgrounds.

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Bryony Turford - STEMFest in Space

Bryony Turford

Bryony Turford will explore a range of Space topics taught in primary schools, from materials to forces, plants to chemistry, there is something there for every age and topic.

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