Tom Lyons and Rebeeca Crawford - ESERO - STEMFest in Space

ESERO-UK Competitions and Challenges

Tom Lyons & Becca Crawford-Richardson from ESERO UK

Engage in challenges, competitions, resources and courses through the European Space Education Resources Office (ESERO-UK).

About Tom and Becca:

Tom is the STEM Enrichment Lead at STEM Learning and works on the ESERO-UK programme, aka the UK Space Education Office.  Tom is an ex physics teacher and also used to design satellites.  He lives in York with his wife and two children.

Becca is the Project Office for ESERO-UK, aka the UK Space Education Office. Becca has a degree in biology but has a keen interest in space. Originally from the North East, she completed her degree at the University of York, went on to work in the civil service and then on to STEM Learning and ESERO-UK in York.

Brief description of session:

Find out about the multiple competitions and challenges that you can get involved in through ESERO-UK and the European Space Agency, covering primary to post-16.  This year we are launching four competitions, including a short version of Climate Detectives to link to COP26, in November.

Type of session:

CPD for Teachers – Lectures

Suitable for: